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Healthier Environment through
Sustainable Processes and Products

At Saltex, we focus on using processes and products that are not only of the highest quality, but also responsible and economically sound. We continuously develop our processes and innovate even more environmentally friendly products aiming to not only minimize our negative ecological footprint and pollution but to create the largest possible positive footprint – this is our legacy. Our production facilities comply with the ISO9001 and ISO14001 certificates.

As one of the leading FIFA Preferred Producers, Saltex has a long history of innovative and environmentally friendly thinking in the artificial turf industry. In 2012, Saltex for example changed all its turf backings from SBR latex to PU, which is 100% recyclable and creates 40% less raw material waste. The same year, Saltex also introduced the drainage pad system PowerPlay that improves water efficiency and reduces the environmental loads both during installation and field use. Saltex has also taken actions to minimize the use of microplastics in the industry by for example using backing material without fleece and developing yarns that require no wrapping fiber. Wrapping fiber is normally used in the artificial grass production process and ends up as unnecessary plastic waste in the environment.

Now, as part of the Unisport Group, Saltex would like to introduce its most recent and game changing innovation: The FIFA approved Saltex Legacy™- artificial grass system with Saltex BioFill™ – a 100% natural and environmentally friendly infill material for artificial turf.

Saltex BioFill is designed to reduce the use of raw material, reduce the impact on the environment and improving playing characteristics. The new material is completely organic and fully biodegradable, produced in a controlled environment, based on non-GMO renewable feedstock and complying with REACH.

 Finally, we can say that we have developed the most environmentally friendly artificial turf system available!


Who Are We

FIFA Preferred Partner

The Northernmost ISO Certified Artificial Turf & Synthetic Grass Producer
with a Fifa Preferred Provider Status

Saltex is the northernmost ISO certified producer with a FIFA Provider Status.

The international football association FIFA controls the properties of artificial grass fields. The tests aim at offering artificial grass fields with optimal playing characteristics, for the benefit of the players. A grass quality must pass laboratory- and field tests in order to be acknowledged by FIFA.

The Saltex grass qualities have been successfully tested according to the highest FIFA standards and several other national standards. Saltex has been part of the FIFA Quality Programme since 2002 and one of the worlds few FIFA Preferred Producers since 2011 and together with FIFA actively participates in the development of the industry.

Who Are We

Service and Design

We Design and Develop Systems that Add Value for Players, Owners, and The Environment
– Not to be Just Unique on Specification

Saltex artificial grass products are designed to provide the best performance for players, but also keeping in mind the total cost of ownership. This results in artificial grass systems that meet the highest standards, but with proven durability and lower impact on the environment during the manufacturing and installation process, and at its end of life.

Our products are manufactured at our sophisticated production facility in Alajärvi, Finland. Utilizing cutting edge technology has enabled us to shorten our lead times and to optimize our production efficiency, accuracy and flexibility.

We don’t stop in the laboratories and on the R&D desks where we design the products. Every location, each site has its specific, geological characteristics, often offering opportunities to not just build ‘a standard’ pitch but using the elements that we need to create a high performing, and durable sports surface: stable, even and solid grounds.
Reduction of transport movements and minimizing use of new materials are crucial to reduce impact on the environment. We hereby make use of horizontal drainage concepts and reduced build-in depth. Saltex construction methods are up to 45% more ECO efficient than systems with a traditional build up (ECO indicator 99).

All Saltex operations are ISO 14001 /9001 certified.


Who Are We


Unisport is today the clear market leader in sports facilities, surfaces and equipment in the Nordic countries with the head office is in Helsinki, Finland. The companies operating in Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, the UK, the Netherlands, and Latvia complement each other product-wise and geographically. The aim is to become a leading North European one-stop service partner whose sports facility concepts provide the best environment for athletes as well as spectators.

Saltex – part of the Unisport Group


Who Are We


Saltex, part of the Unisport Group, is an artificial grass producer with its modern production facilities located in Finland. Established in 1991, today we are an internationally recognized player in the sports surfacing industry and one of the very few in the world being accredited as FIFA Preferred Provider. We are a founding member of ESTO, the European Synthetic Turf Organization. Nowadays known as ESTC, European Synthetic Turf Council.

Read more: ESTC Members: Saltex Oy

Unisport was established in 2015 through a merger of Unisport from Sweden and Saltex from Finland. Combining Saltex’ R&D and production capability with Unisport’s market position enabled the company to provide increasingly better products and services to its customers.

In 2016, Unisport acquired Kerko Group and Rantzows in order to execute the one-stop-shop strategy and to capture the market leader position also in indoor sports facilities and sports equipment throughout the Nordics.

Unisport has continued to execute further acquisitions in the Nordics to strengthen its market position and offering in the Nordics. Unisport is today the clear market leader in sports facilities surfaces and equipment in the Nordic countries.

Together we have more than 100 years of history and experience!