Artificial Turf For Sports

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With our very own production, Saltex is one of the top producers with a drive for product development, innovation and sustainable solutions.

Through these factors we bring not only sports, but the joy through activity to millions of people everywhere around the world and aim to do so with zero compromise between sustainability, functionality and performance.

Natural Grass
Set The Standard
– We Elevate It.



We develop artificial turf solutions that are of highest quality, more durable, more ecological and provide the best playing conditions for athletes at all levels. We believe in continuous development, quality control and cooperation with athletes, suppliers of raw materials and testing laboratories. Our new Power of Choice – sustainable infill range focuses on reduction of migration, biodegradability and the use of bio-based materials.

Solutions for Every Need

As a FIFA preferred producer, we produce and deliver fields of the highest quality. We deliver systems with FIFA Quality Pro certification and to all levels of football and other sports. We also deliver systems certified and approved by the International Rugby Union (World Rugby). What ever your need is, you can be certain that the turf will always be the quality you need.

The knowledge and experience

Years of production, product development and installation has given us the knowledge, experience and expertise to create and shape the future of artificial grass. This expertise combined with the desire to create lasting, performing and sustainable solutions is what puts us ahead of our competition – and we wish to share our expertice with you.


The MTRX ULTRA – performance for the elite. Top of the line and meant to provide the best of football fields for the best of players. With the MTRX stitching combined with a fiber that remains in an upright position and has excellent recovery, we provide a feel of natural grass with the best wear resistance of artificial turf. We provide FIFA Quality and FIFA Quality PRO certified systems.


Speed, durability, performance and safety – high performance and athlete safety. With unique HIC-values combined with high quality turf, the system delivers the best performance and player safety. We produce systems certified by World Rugby.


Small margins and high speed – Turf for tennisfields is constructed for the accurate and marginal play with high speed, quick turns and a constant precision. Our turf is a highly durable surface for tennis and the surface you need to elivate your game. We produce certified ITF fields.



Artificial Turf For Landscaping

With great durability, wear resistance and fresh colors, you’ll never have to deal with a brown lawn again. We deliver a wide range of high-quality products with unique specifications to meet your every need. Install artificial turf with the same look and feel as natural grass, but without the maintenance.

A Wide Range of
High-Quality Products
with Unique Specifications


Bright, natural green – all year. The Verdana grass density replicates a perfectly maintained natural lawn and always looks on point. With straight monofilament and curled fibralated fibres, you’ll truly get the feeling of natural grass. 


A system designed for the supreme looking garden and to give you a feeling of newly cut natural grass. Serena is produced with the combination of straight and curled monofilament and can be used both with and without sand. 



Fall Protection Surface

Secure the Activity Facility and Create an Area for Joy and Fun
– in a Safe Way

The children’s safety should always be top priority, and that goes for playgrounds as well. With fall protection surfaces, you secure the activity facility and create an area for joy and fun through activity – in a safe way.

Through creative expression, we build attractive spaces that inspire children and young people to play and move. For children, play and learning goes hand in hand. Children relate to the world through play. Great playgrounds are fantastic places for children’s physical, social and cognitive development. With artificial grass and rubber surfaces, you also get the opportunity to enhance children’s learning through imaginative designs.


Safegrass ECO is a system based on artificial grass in combination with a shock pad. The shock pads thickness varies according to the maximal fall-height possibility. Safegrass ECO is 100% recyclable and meets REACH. It also meets the standards for EN 1176-1 and EN 1177 regarding its safety properties.

The grass is available in various different colors.